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Welcome to the homepage of International Soca Dj - DJ Toro 

On this site you will be able to get all the latest info about DJ Toro including on demand / listen again radio shows, mixes and more, feel free to send messages through the contact us page, 

DJ Toro has been on the UK Soca scene for over 10 years and has done shows for Radio Stations both in the UK and in USA, he has worked as a DJ at several UK Carnivals / Fetes as well as in Trinidad and Tobago and in the States,

While DJ Toro has built up quite a reputation as a Soca DJ, he is equally skilled with other genres like Reggae, Dancehall, Soul/R&B, Hip Hop and more styles of music to keep any party going

DJ Toro joined Bakahnal Radio in March 2014 and has kept a popular show running every Sunday called Bakahnal in D' Junction, this is aired at 8-10pm every sunday

DJ Toro can also be heard every Wednesday at 7-9pm on Spinz fm (New York) & HCF Radio (Houston) 

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